Hardly two days after swearing that she would not leave office, speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete has resigned this afternoon during a debate on a notion to remove President Jacob Zuma after last week’s Constitutional Court ruling.

On Sunday she told a news conference that she would also not consider recusing herself from Tuesday’s debate in Parliament on a motion tabled by the Democratic Alliance calling for Mr Zuma to be impeached.


However, it would appear that pressure from the EFF and DA has made the Speaker resign herself to a ten minute break which has now been more than an hour.

t was an inevitable as the MP’s wanted to have a vote to remove president Zuma and Baleka Mbete resigned the house sitting for a ten minutes break.

This was not before EFF leader Julius Malema told her she was no longer qualified to lead assembly.

We await to see what will happen after the break.

We hope you did not think she resigned from duty!!

She only resigned the sitting for ten minutes. Or an hour

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