Prophet Mboro, the man who made international headlines last week after his followers claimed he was ‘abducted’ by God during and Easter service and taken to heaven is back in the news again.

Upon return, the man of cloth claimed he took pictures of heaven using his Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone


His spokesperson proceeded to announce that the church would be selling the heavenly pictures for R5,000 each.

Well, there is a huge twist in the story now

Reports claim that in the first Sunday service which he gave today, the Prophet described heaven to his followers.

Whilst this is considerably normal, given that his followers and the world have been itching to hear what the man’s heaven experience was like, it is the nature of his claims that have shocked the entire world, AGAIN.

The most outstanding of the revelations was that Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour of the Christian Religion, has a young hot forever young ebony wife.

The Prophet said, “I saw heaven and it is a surprise. Jesus for example, has a beautiful Xhosa wife. She is young, hot, and extremely attractive”

In near Davinci style, the Prophet will have incensed many by his claims.

Christians generally do not want to believe their lord had sex / has sex, as Leonardo Davinci claims in the Davinci Code

Indeed history does depict that Christ probably had a wife, and enjoyed sexual relations with Mary Magdalene.


But Mboro’s claims will cause controversy.

Especially because the wife is not only a wife, but a “young black xhosa wife”

Zulus are going to be extremely angry, as to why Jesus did not take a Zulu number

While most of the other tribes in South Africa are angry Jesus has a wife to begin with.

Since Mboro says he took pictures with his Galaxy Smartphone, we will wait to see pictures of his wife.

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