So you’re married and happy, but what about sexy? There’s no reason for those sexy undies to go to waste just ‘cause you’ve got a ring on your finger. By Minot Pettinato-Little

 Just because you’re a wife, doesn’t mean you should have lost that “Je ne sais quoi” that had your husband hooked from date number one.

Couples grow together and sometimes that means there’s little left to the imagination, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Women are fabulous whether they have a rock on their finger or not. So why is it that these fabulous, confident, sensual women suddenly feel like old news after they’ve gotten hitched?


8 ways to be stay sexy after getting married

You think that just because you’re in a loving, committed relationship that the sex should become stale, and your conversations routine? Think again. Here’s looking at all the ways you can be a wife and still light the fires of passion in your man.

#1 Embrace the wifely role. So you’re the wife. You’re the soft place for your man to fall after a hard day, the one who makes him fabulous dinners and charms him with fabulous conversations… But you also do the dishes, help pay the bills, and clean his dirty underwear.

Instead of begrudging your wifely role – embrace the fantasy that comes along with it. Are you a stay at home gal? Show him exactly how sexy a wife can be: let him come home to you cooking an amazing meal in nothing but 6” heels and your most tantalizing lingerie. This is sure to be a wifely-image he’ll never forget.

#2 Insist on a date night. This might seem like a lame “mom” thing to do, but don’t be fooled: this strategy is great for newlyweds and veteran marriages alike. Life is hectic and between jobs, family, friends and possibly children, there’s sometimes little time to connect with your partner and just “be” together.

Some couples, like having a monthly sex vacation or an exciting event to go to or even a road trip where they can leave it all behind. They’re not your run of the mill go-to-dinner dates, but they’re exciting adventure type dates.

And remember, while you can toss in a sexy game night as a tantalizing option, date night doesn’t have to always be about sex. Date night is about spending time together as a couple. Instead of worrying about which naughty lingerie to put on for the night, try something a bit more sentimental, like recreating your first romantic date together.

#3 Keep sex interesting. One of the most important ways to remain a sexual goddess to your husband, is to be a sexual goddess. A lifetime of love, understanding, laughter, and comfort that can be found in a marriage is wonderful – but a lifetime of monogamy can be a challenge. Even if your husband was the best sex of your life, 20 years with someone –even 5 years– can start to be a toughie in the bedroom.

You and your partner are used to each other, and you know all the tips and tricks to making the other one come, but after what feels like a lifetime together, it’s usually the sex that starts to become stale.

Be a sexy wife and keep things interesting in the bedroom. Yes, he knows all your dirty secrets and nooks and crannies that must be touched for you to get there – but why not skip the mundane and spice things up. Buy a book of sexual positions and try a new one every day. Take a trip to the sex shop alone and have him come home to a collection of goodies sprawled out across the bed. He’ll appreciate the gesture.

Another way to spice up your sex life is with monthly sex boxes. You know how women can order subscription boxes every month filled with high end makeup samples? Now you can have a monthly sex box delivered just the same way, only instead of makeup goodies, you’ll get lingerie, a sex toy, lotion, lube and deep-throat sample sprays, and naughty games to play. Have a look online and find a box that works for you.

Couples who have sexual subscriptions sent to them monthly have said they feel their partner is less likely to cheat, and that having a fantasy to look forward to each month has livened up both their sex-lives, and their communication.

#4 Role play. Years of being with the same person can sometimes stifle that spark you feel. Role-playing is a great way to not only live out your fantasies, but to be andbe with someone new for a night. Role-play you’re on a first date, you’re sexy strangers or that you’re a high-powered businesswoman who’s hot for your hard-ass business rival. Let your imagination run wild!

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