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ARCHBISHOP Makhosandile Ndongeni said he believes he was cursed after he named his successor.

Ndongeni (70) of Power of God Church in Motherwell NU10, Port Elizabeth claimed there was an angry backlash from church members.


He’s suffering today despite going to doctors and even a sangoma. “After I named one of the church leaders in 2013 to be my successor when I die, I became sick and smelly,” he said.

The unhappy archbishop said his problem began as a pimple.

Makhosandile Ndongeni
Makhosandile Ndongeni says he suffers from lumps and a bad smell.

“The next day I was weak. My eyes were swollen and my body stopped functioning. There was a foul smell from my eyes and ears. I got lumps on my forehead, head and neck.

My body smells. The discharge from my eyes, ears and foot is unbearable.

“I visited hospitals and private doctors, but the lumps kept growing and smelling. The doctors gave me injections to treat the smell but it got worse.

“I am in severe pain and I don’t know what to do. No one wants to sit next to me.

“I visited a sangoma in Despatch who told me some of the church members were not happy with my decision,” Ndongeni said. And then two weeks ago he found his car smelling bad.

“As I drove home after the church service I lost my energy and my head began to spin. My whole body itched,” he added.

A senior church member said: “Arch made a huge mistake. We told him to step down now as he has already announced his successor.

“But he says he will step down when he is dead.”

The archbishop said: “I trust God because everything on this earth was created by him. But I went to a sangoma for help.

“Even the sangoma’s power comes from God. The sangomas are not evil people. They are African doctors sent by the ancestors to heal the people.”


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