THIS 55-year-old man doesn’t ­believe in putting money in the bank. He hides it in socks, underwear and even his shoes! But this habit angers his 54-year-old girlfriend.

She says he’s so paranoid that he doesn’t want to have s e x with her because he’s afraid she’ll steal his cash.


The girlfriend from Orange Farm in Joburg, told Daily Sun she was sick of her stingy boyfriend.

She said she is looking for a man who could satisfy her financial and sexual needs.

The woman said: “My punani doesn’t eat pap! We haven’t had s e x for 10 years and I’m afraid the blood will run to my brain.

“He doesn’t want to give me money or s e x. What kind of a relationship is this?

“If he was bad in bed and gave me money, maybe I would put up with him but I’m gatvol.

“When I buy food, he wants me to share it with him.

“He even uses my soap to wash his clothes.

“He won’t buy his own even after he’s been paid.”

She said on Tuesday, she was cleaning her RDP and found her boyfriend had stashed a R100 note in an old shoe.

“I was shocked by how far this man will go to hide his money. We sometimes go to bed on empty stomachs,” she said.

When the SunTeam spoke to the boyfriend, he laughed off the claims. “I buy food when I have money.”

However, he admitted to hiding money in his shoes but said he was planning to buy mealie- meal with it.


-Daily Sun

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