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The almost three-metre long giant rock python was hungry . . . There wasn’t enough food for it in the bush, so the creature slithered down to Makuleke Village outside Malamulele, Limpopo in the early morning light.

Soon it found its breakfast – right in gogo Grace Mhlanga’s goat kraal! Grace (69) said she was woken up early Wednesday morning by her goats bleating loudly outside.


“I went outside to investigate and saw the trace of a big snake leading to the kraal.

“There I found the huge python having an early breakfast of one of my kids. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the python had swallowed the whole kid.

“I screamed in terror and almost fainted. Nyiko Baloyi (34) who heard me came running. I told him about the snake and he went to kill it.

Angry Python eats goat

“Before the python died it vomited the kid out, but the little goat had unfortunately already died,” Grace said.

She said last year a python – possibly the same one – had killed another goat and two of her kids. She said she was happy that it was finally dead.

Nyiko said when he entered the kraal he was scared. “But then I put that behind me and reached for a hoe.

“I started hacking at the python and it became angry. I hit it five times on the head before it died.


– Rock pythons are huge snakes that eat mammals, chickens and birds. They can swallow animals as big as an Impala ewe. Pythons kill by coiling around an animal and choking it.


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