Radio personality Anele Mdoda has come out strongly against what young girls are being taught about body size.

Anele’s comments came after a fan sent her a lengthy letter complimenting her on being an inspiration to many women.


The fan went on to state in her letter that a friend of hers was constantly told at journalism school that she had chosen the wrong career because of her body size.


Anele mdoda

“My friend‚ a journalism graduate‚ was constantly being told that she had chosen the wrong career for her body size and skin colour is not that of one of the typical girls we see on television‚ the yellow bones‚ the petite‚ the IT girls‚” read part of the fan’s letter.

The fan then applauded Anele for breaking barriers.

“You are such an inspiration to young women who believe you need to look a certain way in order to have a successful career in media.”

Anele responded to the letter saying that it made her “mad.”

“Because when people can’t do something‚ they try make you row on the same boat. So mad that this is what people are convincing little girls across the world‚” said Anele.

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