#ANCWL trended on Twitter on Friday morning as members of the African National Congress Women’s League gathered to march on the Union Buildings.

“We condemn the denigration of the image of President Zuma by so-called artists. For example, recently the portrayal of the president’s genitals in the mouth of a woman. The country was silent and even failed to condemn the imagery of violence against women,”ANCWL said in a statement.


Comedian ?@RobVanVuuren tweeted: “In other comedy news the #ANCWL is holding a march cos they didn’t like a painting of the President. lol. Rofl. Wtf?!”

This was in reference to the ANCWL’s intention to protest against a painting by Ayanda Mabulu which depicted President Jacob Zuma being fellated. The organisation said it disrespected Zuma.

@ewnreporter tweeted that members who had assembled at Sammy Marks Park were singing: “We are not afraid‚ we are working for Zuma”.

@LigaGrey had a somewhat different take: “#ANCWL are saying ‘Hands off to our president’s penis and to that lady on the painting mouth off to our president’s penis’ that’s all!!!”

Others said the women’s league was doing women a disservice

@Soulful–Ms–S pleaded: “Dear world: #ANCWL is a false representation of what women are really about. Don’t get it twisted.”

@JayTeeNchake wanted to know “Where were they when Nelson Mandela grandson rape underage girl.. #ANCWLmarch”‚ while @IsaImanie referenced the recent students protest: “Sad that the #ANCWL were quiet during the #FeesMustFall protest but now they are marching to support a chauvinist. Mmkay”.

@BonnyReuben continued this sentiment: “#ANCWL is good for nothing.#Corruption #womanabus & #Womanempowerment need their voice but thy r silent”‚ while ?@Angel–BruceK asked: “Are we still expected to take women in politics seriously after this? Come on man‚ respect us. #ANCWLmarch #ANCWL”.

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