HE HAS a calling and the ancestors have allegedly instructed him not to cut his hair.This is because they communicate with him through his hair.

The teenager, Alfred Maloka (19) from Laaste Hoop Village in Limpopo, claimed he left his hair to grow into dreadlocks and for that he was suspended from Malatswa High School at the beginning of September.




That is after the teachers instructed him to cut his dreadlocks.Alfred is now at home without any hope of writing the final year exams.

His mum, Emily Maloka (42), reported the matter to their Molepo circuit office but was allegedly not helped.

“I used to cut his hair when he was still young but each time he would get sick.

“When we consulted a sangoma, we were advised not to cut his hair anymore because he has a calling and his hair helps him communicate with his ancestors,” said the mum.

Emily said she explained everything to teachers when she was called to the school earlier this year.“His teachers said he is not a troublesome child at school.

“They didn’t explain what his hair has to do with their teaching and his learning,” sobbed Emily.

“When I ask them about other children who are allowed at school with fake hair while my child has natural hair, they say I must focus on my child and leave others out of it, but they attend the same school.”

Alfred said he cannot understand his teachers’ reasons for suspending him because he has been at the school for four years and they have never said anything before.

“I’m worried that my future is now at standstill. I can’t defy my ancestors’ instruction. I suspect that I’m just a target but I don’t know for what reason,” said Alfred.

Limpopo Department of Education spokesman Dr Naledzani Rasila said the mum must report the matter to the district or provincial office and they will give the family proper assistance

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