Actress Amanda du-Pont gave up a day in her life to help spread hope among the less fortunate in Moretele‚ in the North West Province.



Shortly after her visit‚ Amanda detailed how it changed her perspective on life‚ and how she wants to be a part of building a better country for everyone.

“Never thought I could be a motivational speaker…but life happens to us all and hope is priceless. After hearing about the living conditions in Moretele I am here myself to see‚ offer counsel‚ pray and give the people hope to fight peacefully to build themselves a better tomorrow with the mayor and the municipality‚” she said.

Amanda added that most of us often take life for granted‚ while some people have no access to basic necessities.

“Please don’t take life for granted‚ some people have no water‚ proper sanitation or proper medical care. I pray by posting this that I stir hearts of others to help build a better nation for US ALL#youcanmakeadifference#visionforchange #blessed#serveforothers.

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