AKA’s decision to slam rape protesters at President Jacob Zuma’s address to the nation following the ANC’s poor showing in the municipal elections hasn’t gone as he likely planned.

Four women dressed in black were protesting by holding up sheets of paper saying “10 years on”‚ “khanga”‚ and “Remember Kwezi”



The protest was in reference to Zuma’s rape trial.

In 2006 the court had dismissed rape charges against President Zuma‚ finding that when he had unprotected sex with a friend’s daughter he knew to be HIV positive‚ it was consensual.

AKA responded to the protest by tweeting‚ “Are you so blind you are going to ignore that that protest had a political motive as well? Or are we going to ignore that part?”

He further questioned whether people trusted the judiciary

“The judiciary failed Reeva. We were outraged. It corrected itself. We rejoiced. We believed. Now we don’t???”

The discussion became increasingly heated‚ with AKA going on the defensive‚ eventually spawning the #AKAIsOverParty.

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