Rebecca Malope has been through a lot‚ having been abused and abandoned by her father as a child.

And while she may have made peace with her father several years ago‚ she only recently forgave her father’s family for also abusing and abandoning her.


“I’ve had to forgive my father’s family. I was abused and abandoned by them. So‚ I forgave them too. It was recently. It was maybe five months ago‚” Rebecca revealed to Anele on Real Talk recently.

She said that she was on speaking terms with only her father’s brother. But when he died she had no choice but to face the rest of his family.

rebecca-malope“When we went to bury him… they (the family) started talking. When I saw them I was so angry. I said I must tell them something: before I forgive them‚ if they want to call me their child‚ they must tell me why? They must answer my questions ” Rebecca said.

Rebecca said she was told to forgive and forget about what happened between her and the family in the past and move on.

“Some things are not easy to forget. But anyways God teaches us to forgive‚” Rebecca added.

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