POVERTY has kept the madala fit for 99 years.

Mzwandile Ntezo said his old-age pension doesn’t last until the end of the month, so he collects and sells wood, which has kept him fit.


The 99-year-old madala from Ndlovini in Port Alfred told Daily Sun that he gets the wood in a nearby forest, transports it home in a wheelbarrow and sells it for R30 per load.


“Back in the years we used to take good care of our bodies and we didn’t eat everything. I am still strong and I don’t get sick easily,” he said.

“The last time I went to the clinic was at the beginning of 2014 and I have not been sick since then.” He said unlike many other people his age, he didn’t have high blood pressure or suffer from diabetes.

“The youth should take good care of their bodies and they’ll live for many years.”

Mzwandile’s wife, gogo Sikelelwa Mandarha (77) said she was happy her husband was still alive and healthy. “My husband likes African salad and samp. I am hoping to reach the age of 99 years or more just like him,” she said.

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