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The eight cops found guilty of murdering Mido Macia were sentenced to 15 years in prison on Wednesday.

They had been convicted by Judge Bert Bam in August for Macia’s killing in February 2013 in the high court in Pretoria.


Macia‚ a Mozambican taxi driver‚ died in a Daveyton police cell hours after being handcuffed to a police vehicle and dragged through the streets of the township .

The incident was filmed on a cellphone and the footage went viral.

8 Policemen get 15 years each for the Murder of Mido Macia

He had been pulled over by the police officers for an alleged traffic violation.

The police officers were Meshack Malele‚ 46‚ Thamsamqa Mgema‚ 35‚ Percy Jonathan Mnisi‚ 26‚ Bongamusa Mdluli‚ 25‚ Sipho Sydwell Ngobeni‚ 30‚ Lungisa Gwababa‚ 31‚ Bongani Kolisi‚ 27‚ and Linda Sololo‚ 56.

A ninth policeman‚ Constable Matome Ramatlou‚ had charges against him withdrawn three months ago because of a lack of evidence.


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