Most men may not enjoy being a part of tedious and long drawn wedding functions, but there is one event where they’d give an eye to be a part of — the bachelor party. And it won’t matter if they have to wait through several boring functions and dos to reach it. So if you’re planning to host one for you or your mates, here are a few ideas which could come in handy.

Adventure sports
Partying doesn’t have to be all about music and drinks. You along with your friends can always head to a destination which offers you to try some thrilling adventure sports. Be it bungee jumping, sky-diving or skiing; an adrenaline fuelled break is ideal.


Go fishing
Going fishing together as a group of friends is more therapeutic than anything else. So, if you’ve had it with all the celebration and now want a quiet time with friends where you guys can look back at life and just bond like how guys do, a fishing trip can work out to be a great stressbuster. It will also give you time to take stock of life, because marriage is such a time for changes!

Make it exciting
Only drinking it out the whole night does not make a bachelor party. Try and include fun elements like having a comedy show. Friends can brief the comedian about a few of the quirks of the group, and this way it can work out to be an intimate gathering.

Beach house
Rent a place along some sunny beach, load up on barbecue supplies, rummage for sports gear (bat, ball, frisbee or a football) and note a few choicest recipes for cocktails that’s your beach party all set up! A whole weekend can be spent in a blissful state before your best buddy takes the plunge!

Plan it out
A proper bachelor party needs a little bit of planning.Heading out to a popular drinking hole or a pub does not qualify as a bachelor party in any way. So, if you’re booking a suite, or whether you’re planning an in-house gathering, plan it out.

Gourmet drinking
You and your friends can always take off for nearby vineyards or microbreweries or even head out for malt tasting.It’s classy and a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to enjoy the finer things in life something a gentleman would before you take the final plunge.

Take that trip that you always wanted to take with your friends. And make it lavish this time. Stay in class, travel to a foreign country and splurge in casinos. South East Asian countries offer luxuries at rather affordable rates. There are also several Eastern European countries that offer some amazing travel and leisure opportunities at good rates.

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