No  matter how much we are empowered, no matter how much we are earning, spending, breaking stereotypes at work place, the minute a single woman is nearing 28, it seems like life around is falling out.

From annoying buajis to nagging masijis a single, 28-year-old woman comes across some of the most insane advices and irritating questions. While, your intentions, well, most of the times is to empathize with her, here’s a revelation; maybe she’s just too content at the moment and happy being the way she is. So, if you don’t want to be the wrath of her anger the next time you meet her, avoid these questions, coz, probably you might come across some not very friendly answers!


28 year old woman

You should not stop looking for love
Yes, she knows about it, and probably she hasn’t stopped looking out for love, but maybe at this point of time, her career goals, is something she’s more interested in keeping track of.

The choosier you become, the less options you get
Well this holds true for everything isn’t it? But, marriage and relationship cannot be maintained just because you are running out of options.

Your clock is ticking
Well, guess what, she can hear it too? But, maybe she wants it that way. Maybe, she’s happy with freezing her precious ‘eggs’ and use it when she’s ready. Or, maybe, she’s decided not to have kids and be a little selfish and pamper herself and her partner.

Have you tried online dating?
Yes, she has and she feels lucky to still be alive after coming across some almost borderline psychos. The truth is that the ratio of being disappointed on first dates through online dating is pretty much similar to the offline world.

Why are you still single?
Trust us, if any single woman had the answer for this question, she wouldn’t have been single. Many single women must have encountered these kind of questions which led to self-doubt. However, the best solution for singles is not to pay any heed to these questions and just stay amazing.

I wish I was single like you
There are times when you are in relationship you long for freedom, likewise when you are single, you find yourself daydreaming of being in a perfect relationship.

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