The love lives of serial daters, whose dating cycle depends more on how many times they swipe right on their dating app rather than the Cupid’s blessings, are dotted with stories of strange dates.

The chances of finding someone likely to leave a bad taste in the mouth is real, fun dates notwithstanding. Considering Valentine’s Day hangover is still around, we bring you the strange types of men and women that lurk on the dating apps. From restless Johnnys desperate to get `touchy-feely’ within minutes of saying hello, to those on a rebound looking to get over their exes and those with a penchant for multiple dating, there seems to be no dearth of characters for sure.


The Faker
Dating apps guarantee a Saturday night hook-up at best. Yet, some people go out of their way to make fake promises only to disappear later! Take this story for instance. Sriya had been speaking to this guy from Delhi, who claimed to be on a prolonged work trip to Hyderabad. “We hit it off like a house on fire, went out to a pub, had a couple of drinks, and landed in his hotel room where we made out. He promised to come back soon to meet me,” recalls Sriya adding, “Then he just completely disappeared. Wouldn’t answer my calls, texts, and I was blocked everywhere on social media! I don’t understand why he had to pretend to be this guy straight out of Mills and Boons.”

The serial dater
These are the ones who love playing the field and are hooking up with two or more people at the same time. No harm here if you are rocking the same boat, but if you are someone who’s cooking up this idea in your head that you are `exclusive’, then beware, this one could cause you lot of grief, apart from being a sheer waste of time! Sonia, a self-confessed compulsive dater, reveals, “I was talking to this guy, and he singularly decided that we are in a relationship. When I told him I was dating someone else too, there was a big blow out! I was like, `Er, but when did I tell you we were dating’?!”
The`filtered’ Stunner
Some people have such “touched-up” display pictures that you barely recognise them when you meet them in person! This is exactly what happened to Atul, who went on a date with a girl whom he had been speaking to for a while. Atul was super excited as her pictures made her look like she could easily pass off as a model, but when she turned up for the date, he found out that she looks nothing like the girl in the DP. “My situation was something like that funny video that’s going viral these days… When the guy tells his blind date, `You don’t look anything like your display picture’, she sits him down and shows him how she used multiple filters to look like that. Needless to say, I never called her back,” says Atul.
The booty hunter
Some folks use online dating apps strictly for their Saturday night hook-up purposes. When Mishika was speaking to Nitin, she had no idea that the latter was only using her as a booty. He seemed like a guy straight out of a Jane Austen novel. But upon meeting, she realised that he only wanted to get into her pants!

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The heartbroken hunter
Then there are folks who are out there looking for a shoulder to cry on while they are learning to get over an ex… Or worse, get back at them or just make them jeal ous. Yash met Nisha online, and decided to start things off with a nightout in town. “Turns out all she could speak of was her former flame.After of a few rounds of drinks came the tears, the elaborate sob story of how she got dumped and repeated questions like `Why do you think he left me…’, `Am I not pretty?’ I couldn’t even walk out… Talk about a perfect Friday night ruined,” recalls Yash. Of course, that was the last date for this jodi, but like he says, “One bad date is all the bad dates you need.”

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