It’s not always the woman who gets annoying as the notion goes, men can be pretty annoying too!

Every now and then, women get into bad relationships because that’s how it works; you date the wrong guy in order to finally bump into the right one. Regardless of that, bad relationships tend to leave a mark, making us question our judgement about people. “Sometimes it’s just not your fault, science puts it this way – Some people are wired like that, it’s just a funny play of chromosomes and for others it’s the circumstances that make them the way they are,” explains renowned Psychologist Dr Varsha Patkar.

Mr Ugly Zimbabwe
Mr Ugly Zimbabwe

Here is a list of some particularly annoying sort of boyfriends:

The Stalker/Jealous Boyfriend
This particular type of boyfriend exhibits the following qualities – Insecurity, Possessiveness and is completely unable to wrap his head around the word trust. The jealous boyfriend will stalk you, your parents, your second cousins, the friend of the friend you have in your class and go to the utmost extent of driving you nuts. Constant reassurances from your side will be completely useless.

The Dominating/ Male- Chauvanist Boyfriend
He will disrespect you at every possible opportunity he gets. He will have no regard for your job, your parents, your whole existence! He will tell you how to do everything and will jump in and make all the decisions for you! He will always know what’s “BEST” for you.

The Daddy’s
Publicly calling you endearing names and indulging in a lot of PDA, even if that makes you and people around you uncomfortable is what he is best at. He will not give you space, that’s because that term probably doesn’t exist in his dictionary. Constant messages, declaring his love for you to the whole world, posting pictures and statuses on all social media platforms is one of his favourite pastimes.

The Nagger
There is a huge difference between the nagger and the male chauvinist. Whereas the male-chauvinist boyfriend is only concerned about establishing his superiority over the fairer sex i.e. YOU, the nagger as the name suggests will nag you at every opportunity he lands and about everything because well that’s his basic nature! Oh and also did you know the word nag was derived from a Scandinavian word – ‘nagga’ which means to gnaw!

It’s always better to ascertain the character of those you are about to jump into a relationship with!

-Times of India

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