There isn’t a single individual on the face of this earth who doesn’t believe in the term ‘expectations.’ And so are two individuals when they are in a relationship. While many times women are quite vocal about what do they expect from their partners/lovers, men at times aren’t that vocal about expressing their choices. But vocal or not there are certain things that a man always wants rather expects from his woman. So, here are 4 things that a man may not say bit secretly expects from his woman. Hope, you are listening this gal!

1. Be confident: There are times when even the strongest solider needs some help to charge his team to fight the battles. In real life too, there are times when a man needs a confident woman to help him fight his own demons at times. Also a confident woman who knows what she wants and strives to get it, is always a turn on for many men.


2. Isn’t afraid of talking about sex: Still considered as a taboo by many, men are always happy to be around women is just isn’t confident about her sexuality, but also isn’t afraid to make room in their bedroom for some fun experiments.

3. Encourage their men: Every man needs a woman who not only makes him a better person but encourages him to follow his dream and be there to support him in his thick and thin times.

4. Don’t be a Nag: Women knows the act of nagging to the T. Men love to be around ladies who isn’t controlling, nagging and let men be men.

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