3 Good Skin habits to Adopt to keep your skin smooth and cancer free…

  1. Avoid the sun

Avoid the sun at all costs, at all times of the day. Aside from potentially causing skin cancer, the sun damages your skin cells in a myriad of ways during both the long- and short term.


2. Cleanse properly

Save your face wipes and micellar waters for lazy days only, and cleanse your skin by manually massaging in a mild cleanser and rinsing with water. Not only is this the only way to lift makeup, dirt and dead skin cells, it boosts circulation too.

3. Avoid the nasties

Some skincare products are loaded with unnecessary (and potentially detrimental/carcinogenic) ingredients in an attempt to make them more appealing to you. I make a point of limiting skin products that contains alcohol, colourants, parabens and fragrance – those ingredients have zero skin benefits.

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