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A couple at North West University have become the talk of campus after they were caught in coitus some time ago. The video of the two Engineering students spread faster than the fire that burnt down one of the buildings late last week.

Reliable sources say the couple are well known at the school. In the minute long amateur  clip, a peeping tom holds the cellphone camera from a bird’s eye point and records the two, with the lady firmly nestled on top of the gentlemen who is seen seating on a chair. It looks like the incident happened in lecture room.


The shaky and grainy video clip continues with the lady clearly enjoying herself. However, as the two are about to reach a climax, they are disturbed by a voice at the classroom door.

‘The  couple is well known at NWU, they call themselves ‘adventurous duo’. They bonk almost everywhere’ an anonymous source told us before adding, ‘ the girl is very rich and wild, she does not care, her father spoils her’.

We tried to get comment from an NWU official but she said she can not comment before seeing the video and indicated that she had not seen the video yet, ‘I can talk about what we have not seen’, she said before hanging up on us.

North West University is currently in intense chaos after violence blew out of control last week and a court order was granted this morning.

The violence broke out shortly after the new Student Representative Council was appointed in the Great Hall.

“As a precautionary measure, the NWU obtained a final court order from the high court today that prohibits the disruption [of] and interference [with] the activities on the Potchefstroom campus. The court order serves as a notice to all students and staff,” the statement said.


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