19 year old girl STABBED 19 times by 2 MEN. A 19 year-old Indian woman was stabbed to death by two young men in Delhi for protesting against sexual harassment.

The young woman was accosted by the men at a market on Thursday evening. The two young men stabbed her repeatedly, 35 times to be precise, on her face, chest and stomach.


The young woman allegedly ran for help when they started stabbing her. She ran to a neighbour’s apartment but the men chased her and continued stabbing her till she lost consciousness.

“She ran away from them and entered our balcony. They followed her there and stabbed her till she fell unconscious,” a witness told local TV channels.

Her mother who had tried to help, also sustained injuries.

The 19 year old victim had reportedly filed a complaint with the police in 2013 against the two men, and a case of molestation was filed against them.

“If the police had taken action earlier, this wouldn’t have happened. Even now there is no action,” one of the teens relatives told Hindustan Times.

Both the suspects have been arrested and charged with murder.

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