1. Can never love one girl.
2. Love sex more than love.
3. Talented in lying.
4. Talk softly while conning ladies.
5. Heart breakers.
6. Can promise girls heaven on earth.
7. Love you before sex,when you do it they hate u.
8. Fear pregnancy,but hate protected sex.
9. Specialists in confusing girls.
10. 80% of conning boys are broke.
11. They’re wicked
12. Using and dumping girls is their hobby
13. They want to bear the title am the one that disvirgined this girl or made her pregnant
14. Many of them are jobless
15. A lot of them are pretenders.
16. I love you means I want to have sex with you
17. Don’t believe in relationship without sex
18. All they want is sex. No sex no dating
19. They don’t have one girlfriend, on 2go or facebook or whatsapp they’ll keep asking out girls

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