17 year old girl RAPED in city centre for WEARING a Mini Skirt. A Pietermaritzburg young lady was allegedly raped at the Emgodini taxi rank toilets in the Pietermaritzburg CBD.

The 17-year-old female has opened a case with Pietermaritzburg police. The teenager was approached by four men as she made her way out of the rank toilets.


The men then allegedly made suggestive comments to her and she responded in a negative manner.  The teen told the police that the men then told her that she was “too full of herself”, and insulted her, saying “she was wearing a short dress because she wanted to show them her body”.  PowerFM reported.

One of the men then allegedly grabbed the teen and pulled her into the toilet followed closely by the other three.

The teen was then allegedly raped and her phone was stolen as well.

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