Just what is it that makes a guy good in bed? Physical fitness? Dirty talk? These 12 tips to please a woman in bed are sure to keep her totally satisfied!

Often, guys think that concentrating on foreplay is a waste of time. Why bother when you can get to the good stuff right away, right?


Well, the truth is, if you are looking to make your woman extremely happy when it comes to sex, you need to take your time, and make sure you warm her up before diving in.

sexy woman looking for SEXHow to please your woman and ensure she has a fantastic time in bed

Giving a woman a mind-blowing orgasm—whether you are in a loving relationship or not—is not only great for her, but is going to make you feel pretty pleased with yourself. Give these awesome tricks a try to make foreplay and sex a fantastic experience for you both.

#1 Take your time. Start off slowly—and we mean really slowly. Gently stroke her legs, right from the tips of her toes all the way up her thighs, kiss her legs, and, if you are brave, *and provided she is not super ticklish, of course* slowly suck her toes to leave her writhing in ecstasy and begging you for more.

#2 Ask her what she likes. No two women are the same, and communication is key to great sex. Asking her what she likes, and what she wants you to do to her, is the easiest way of knowing where her pleasure zones are.

Be specific. Does she like you touching her lightly, or hard? Does she want you to go fast or slow? Make sure you are listening to what she is saying and make sure you make her feel comfortable enough to speak up, whether you do it before you start or in the moment.

Similarly, you can find out what her no-go areas are—for example, some women might love you pulling their hair, while others may find this painful and slightly aggressive—so make sure you find out before you do it.

Women appreciate a guy who cares about her pleasure during sex, so even if she might be shy, encouraging her to let you know is sure to go down well.

#3 Let her know how much you love turning her on. If she feels like you are just going through the motions during foreplay, and are bored or simply doing it as a favor before the main event, it isn’t going to work.

She wants to feel as though you are enjoying it and getting into it, too, so make sure she knows how much you are enjoying yourself. That way, she can relax and enjoy it, too.

#4 Slow and steady wins the race. OK, so most men know that by stimulating the clitoris, you are going to give your woman some serious pleasure. However, it’s a sensitive little thing and by touching, licking, rubbing, or nibbling it too forcefully, you are likely to cause your woman some discomfort. Not exactly what you are going for!

Start off gently and pay it attention for a minute or so before moving somewhere else. This will build up tension, and with it, you can increase the pressure, back off again, and repeat, until she is crying out for you to keep going.

#5 Use the figure-eight trick. If you are giving her oral sex, the best way to drive her wild is by tracing your tongue in a figure eight around her clit. Alternate this with increasingly firmer licks, stimulating the clitoris itself. If you consistently vary the pressure and motion, it will drive her wild, for sure.

#6 Don’t neglect the less obvious erogenous zones. Some guys think by focusing on the vagina, they are working their magic. However, there are plenty of other ways to get your woman super turned on, and these should not be ignored.

Kissing her neck, nibbling her earlobes, and gently caressing, stroking, and nibbling on her nipples are all areas which will make her totally horny, so make sure you pay attention to these, too!

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