Traditionally speaking, having your son circumcised is the more popular choice in Africa and North America. The argument being that the procedure makes for a more penis that is more hygienic and less susceptible to infection and sexually transmitted diseases. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, people believe not being circumcised has its share of benefits as well, including abrasion-prevention as well as being able to experience important sexual benefits that the foreskin provides.

According to research published by the Mayo Clinic a few years ago, the circumcision rate in newborn boys has fallen from 83% in 1960 to 77% in 2010. And worldwide, only about 30% of the world’s male popular over 15 is circumcised, according to the World Health Organization. Evidently, things are about to change.


With such discrepancies regarding circumcision these days, I decided to speak with women of all ages and walks of life who’ve experienced sex with both circumcised and uncircumcised men to voice their own preference and determine the pros and cons of each.

1. Circumcised Penises “Tend To Be Cleaner”

As a woman whose preference in sexual activities is oral, I prefer a circumcised penis because, as much as one can generalize, they tend to be cleaner and therefore more enjoyable to suck on.

– Cynthia, 72

2. Sex Is Different (In A Good Way) With An Uncircumcised Man

Personally, I had never seen an uncircumcised penis until I met my husband. And I’ve found that I prefer it! The extra skin makes it easier to give him a hand job and it’s different — in a good way. It feels a bit fuller I guess? I don’t know. I just remember when we first started having sex without condoms, it was awesome sex. It was different, and I wish I could explain how, but I can’t.I also don’t think it looks gross or anything; it doesn’t look much different than a circumcised one when it’s erect anyway.

– Kat, 27

3. Circumcised Penises Have Been “Mutilated”

I prefer a man with an intact, natural penis. I find it disturbing that a woman would “prefer” a body part that has been mutilated, especially knowing the trauma her man suffered as a child due to “circumcision”.

– Laurie, 41

4. Circumcised Is Better, Because Uncircumcised Penises Can Be “Really Gross”

Circumcised for sure. Men with uncircumcised penises often are not clean and they can be really gross.

– TJ, 63

5. Uncircumcised Penises Are More Sensitive (And Therefore Feel Better) During Sex

Uncircumcised. The foreskin protects them from chafing against tight jeans all day, making them a lot more sensitive.

– Penny, 29


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