It  has become so important to look good in that selfie you take with friends. But how does one get the perfect selfie? We share a few tips to get the selfie right.

– Cut the background while taking a selfie. Crop the frame tight so your nose looks longer and the focus is on your eyes.
– The two-handed selfie is a hit these days. Use both your hands and focus on your body with a broad smile and that picture will go viral.
– Always try to experiment with different angles.
– Stand in the light— either near the window or outside. One hour after sunrise and one hour after sunset is the perfect time to take those selfies.
– Besides facial expressions, try a new activity while taking a selfie.
– Wear something new—sunglasses, wig, jewellery or hat.
– Selfies with puppies and kittens are always a hit.
– Take a selfie of the selfie which is bound to be cute.
– A selfie taken in front of the mirror is a good idea. Just angle your body accordingly.
– Try avoiding a full body selfie. Let the focus be your face.


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Sexy selfie

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