10 Things Nobody Tells You About Having Sex When You are Pregnant – see it all here…..

1. No, a penis will not touch the baby. ‘My man freaked himself out as he thought he could feel the baby’s head with his manhood. I have no idea how big or sensitive he thinks it is. I pointed out it was probably my cervix but he doesn’t believe me.’

2. Your vagina can SNEEZE. ‘My vagina started to sneeze when I came. It deposited a large mucus plug all over my partner.’


3. You may find that your favorite positions are nigh or impossible. ‘My husband and I decided we missed the intimacy of missionary. We tried it, and he ended up on top of my bump like a beached whale. Not going to be trying that again.’

4. Orgasms might not just leave you with a fuzzy feeling. ‘Sex in the latter stages brought on the most painful Braxton Hicks that lasted three days and ended with me in hospital being examined to make sure I wasn’t in early labour!’

5. Your bladder control won’t be what it was. ‘I weed in his face when I climaxed after oral. I didn’t squirt: I did an actual pee. Poor man, but it was totally out of my control and I couldn’t help it.’

Sex When You are Pregnant


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