Women are more into sexting than men. Now, why are we not surprised? Here are 10 reasons why women are more into SEXTING than men to it.

-Because all women don’t get the opportunity to get commissioned to author Mills and Boonromances and other romance books.


-Women are risk takers and men are wimps, they don’t like anything that leaves so much evidence, a certain Mr. Woods spoilt the game for them

-Women have better vocabularies, and sexting requires communication meant to turn on the recipient… you get the drift, don’t you?

-Women can multitask- what no one told you that? Sex and sexting don’t need to be mutually exclusive

-Women are more likely to get luckier than men, so sexting is worth the effort!

-Men are still reading the manuals, while the women live in D-I-Y times!

-Didn’t we always know there’s more to a woman? Go figure that one… god! Your dirty minds are already at work!

-Men are proud of their equipment (mobile, of course!); women know how to work theirs better!

-It takes an Eve to know the pleasures of the forbidden fruit. Adam always comes in late. By which time Eve’s on to something more tempting

-Men are busy being the recipients!  – the times of india


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