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Every woman has a laundry list of attributes they desire in a partner.

Some, whether it’s height, skin tone, a roguish, Humphrey Bogart-esque face — or just the way a man’s body fits into a suit — are skin-deep. Try as we might to score with the women we adore, it’s often impossible to physically change our appearance to fit all of her desires.

There are also qualities a woman looks for in a man that have nothing to do with the size of his biceps or the way he towers over other men in a crowd. These attributes are enticing because they are more about what’s going on inside a man.


Here are 10 desirable qualities that women look for in a man — from the way he walks into a room to never breaking a promise — and the reasons why every man should aspire to display these attributes to the opposite sex. See all pages to see the 10 qualities…

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1. Be Humorous

Women want a man who can make them laugh, or at least show them the humor in even the most uncomfortable situation. The ability to joke at the stresses of life, and being in a relationship, is a must. Unfortunately, not every man is born with the ability to make people laugh, but just being able to laugh is often enough to diffuse a situation. Show her you can laugh at yourself and life’s little mishaps and she’ll find it irresistible.

While women find all of these traits desirable, the most important part to remember is to never stop exhibiting these attributes over time. Always be confident, keep her laughing, be passionate towards her and generous towards others and you’ll remain desirable to her for years to come.


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